I Can Do It!

I Just want to remind you, that sometimes we all eat a little of that not so healthy stuff. I can relate to those times, and even experienced one today! I really and truly try to plan ahead and bring some healthy snacks, and/or lunch, but that’s not always possible as I found out today. This morning I was late getting out of the house and only had time to grab a little bag of pistachios to last me for four hours! I attended a financial seminar that took place through the lunch hour. I was absolutely famished by the time it was over, and was looking forward to making a healthy lunch at home. Well, unfortunately the traffic to leave the seminar was backed up for almost 45 minutes! I could feel my stomach crying for food and just couldn’t wait any longer and pulled into the nearby fast food drive through. Yes, it will happen occasionally, and when it does, forgive yourself and then get back to eating pure healthy foods. Sometimes the stress just might be worse than an occasional fast food detour!

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