Don’t Panic!

I have been receiving several emails from people expressing concern that they can’t be totally chemical free, because they own a pool/hot tub, (my husband’s business actually) or their job has some involvement with chemicals or there are products that might be inside their homes. Please, just relax, what the goal here is, is to mainly learn to eliminate chemicals that are being added to your foods, and personal care products! If you are willing to and can do so, please continue to remove more chemicals/toxins from your life, but please don’t stress about doing so! The stress can cause illness and disease and that’s not going to help you or your immune system’s ability to fight toxins.

I Can Do It!

I Just want to remind you, that sometimes we all eat a little of that not so healthy stuff. I can relate to those times, and even experienced one today! I really and truly try to plan ahead and bring some healthy snacks, and/or lunch, but that’s not always possible as I found out today. This morning I was late getting out of the house and only had time to grab a little bag of pistachios to last me for four hours! I attended a financial seminar that took place through the lunch hour. I was absolutely famished by the time it was over, and was looking forward to making a healthy lunch at home. Well, unfortunately the traffic to leave the seminar was backed up for almost 45 minutes! I could feel my stomach crying for food and just couldn’t wait any longer and pulled into the nearby fast food drive through. Yes, it will happen occasionally, and when it does, forgive yourself and then get back to eating pure healthy foods. Sometimes the stress just might be worse than an occasional fast food detour!


Vinegar is one of my favorite natural and Cheap multipurpose liquids! I use vinegar for so many different tasks around my house, it’s amazing! The main way I use vinegar is for helping to remove wrinkles from my clothes when I don’t have time to iron. Put 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water into a spray bottle and there is your wrinkle spray! I also use about a cup full of vinegar when doing laundry as a fabric softener. Now, if you don’t think your clothes are coming out of the dryer soft enough, just throw in a couple dryer type balls. The combined effort will work! You can use vinegar and water also mixed in a spray bottle to clean your windows. You can also clean countertops, depending on what type you have and with a little more vinegar you have a floor or general cleaner.spray-bottle-2754171_1280

The news has been reporting about glyphosate, a chemical found in Roundup, has been found in many oat products including popular cereals. I personally believe many children could be getting cancer, because so much of our food now contains glyphosate. Children’s immune systems really can’t process this dangerous chemical. Here is a link to the story.




As seen in the news, what do you think?

Coconut Oil

I absolutely love coconut oil and have been using it for several years! There are so many ways that you can use coconut oil to replace those harmful products found throughout your house!  I had previously mentioned using coconut oil to remove eye make, but let me share a few of my other favorite uses! If you have an area on your skin that feels itchy, maybe from an insect bite, just rub a little coconut oil on the area and feel almost instant relief!  If you have dry or cracked lips, rub a little on your lips a few times a day to help them become smooth. If you are prone to cold sores, rub a little on the area as soon as you feel signs of one forming to prevent an outbreak. Some say that coconut oil mixed with a couple of drops of high quality tea tree oil helps with fungal infections on your skin or nails. Well,  I hope I gave you a couple more uses for coconut oil, and I will soon share a brief video to discuss these and more in just a few days!


On this site we will discuss ways to help eliminate chemicals in your daily life. We will teach you how to make your own products to help replace the toxic products that might be hiding in your home.

One quick and easy DIY for a natural and pure make up remover can be found in every grocery store! It’s Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil! It will take your make up off fairly easily and soften too!